Judith Hopf


Judith Hopf Biography (PDF)


Judith Hopf: Review by Megan Heuer, Artforum International Magazine New York 2011

Vita passiva, or Shards Bring Love: On the Work of Judith Hopf by Sabeth Buchmann, Afterall 2010

On Entering the Room by Tanja Widmann, Afterall 2010

Hey Produktion! by Stefania Palumbo, Mousse 2010

Am Ende und doch kein Ende in Sicht by Tanja Widmann, Texte Zur Kunst 2009

Judith Hopf: Review by Daniel Miller, frieze 2008

Judith Hopf - opting out, collaboration and the inappropriate behaviour of bodies by Kirsty Bell, frieze 2007

Über Judith Hopf, Secession Wien by Cosima Rainer, Texte Zur Kunst 2006



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